• 【dpf2016関連プログラム発表】

    2016.08.23 Tue

    / Exhibition

    代官山フォトフェア会期中、フェア会場であるヒルサイドテラスを中心に関連プログラムを開催します。「The Photobook」展を軸に日本の写真史を総括的、多角的に学ぶことのできるコンテンツを展開します。1960年代から最新のアートフォトまでの動向を語り尽くすトークプログラムやレクチャー、実際に写真を“つくる”過程を通して、大人から子どもまで、芸術写真の魅力を体験することのできるワークショップを提供します。


    Centering on “The Photobook” exhibition, a series of related programs will be held with the aim of providing a comprehensive learning experience regarding the history of Japanese photography. In addition to talk programs and lectures that discuss the attitudes and movements in fine art photography from the 1960s until the latest contemporary scene, workshops will be hosted to further communicate the appeal of photography by enabling participants to actively engage in the photography making process.

  • FAPAポートフォリオレビュー開催のお知らせ

    2016.08.06 Sat

    / Exhibition / Portfolio Review

    【 fapa Portfolio Review 】



    【 fapa Portfolio Review 】

    The Fine Art Photography Association (fapa) will hold its first portfolio review, inviting leading professionals from Japan’s photography field as reviewers. This program, initiated by the Association that enlists support towards young photographers as one of its founding objectives, aims to nurture the will of photographers working both within Japan and abroad in hopes to provide opportunities that would lead to their further progression.

  • ボランティアスタッフ募集のお知らせ

    2016.06.21 Tue

    / Exhibition

    この度、一般社団法人日本芸術写真協会は 2016 年 9 月 29 日(木)~10 月 2 日(日)の間、第三回となる「代官山フォトフェア daikanyama photo fair」を開催します。つきましては、フェアおよびプログラム運営のサポートをして下さる、ボランティアスタッフを募集いたします。

  • 出展者情報公開

    2016.06.04 Sat

    / Exhibition


  • daikanyama photo fair 2016

    2016.04.01 Fri

    / Festival








    In September 2016, the Fine-Art Photography Association will hold the 3rd “daikanyama photo fair.”


    Dates | Sep 30 (Fri) – Oct 2 (Sun), 2016

    Site | Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Hillside Plaza

    Organizer | Fine-Art Photography Association

    Contact | info@fapa.jp