daikanyama photo fair

一般社団法人日本芸術写真協会(FAPA)は来たる2016年9月、「代官山フォトフェア」を開催します。第三回目となる本フェアには、開催当初より同企画に賛同してきた国内ギャラリー、書店・出版社に加え、芸術写真の世界を牽引する国外からの出展者が一堂に集い、精選された作品の数々をプレゼンテーションします。期間中、協会主催により同時開催される「The Photobook」展は、1960年代以降、世界の中でも独自の変遷を遂げてきた、日本の写真集を総合的に紹介する初の展覧会です。国外の美術館キュレーターを招聘したトークや写真集レビューといったプログラムでは、展覧会を通して先賢から学びうる、芸術写真の今とこれからを読み解きます。


In September 2016, the Fine-Art Photography Association (FAPA) will hold the third Daikanyama Photo Fair. The Japanese galleries, bookstores, and publishers that have supported the fair since its inception will be joined by leading figures in fine art photography from around the world to exhibit a carefully selected presentation of art photography. Alongside the fair, FAPA will also launch a new exhibition series, The Photobook, to provide a comprehensive introduction to Japanese photobooks, a genre which, from a global perspective, has maintained a distinctive trend since the 1960s. Public programs associated with the fair include reviews of photo collections and talk sessions by curators from international art museums, enabling participants to learn from the exhibitions about the remarkable photographers of the past, and to consider the present and future of fine art photography. FAPA is delighted to be able to present this marvelous opportunity to discover the tremendous creativity of art photography.

入場料:一般1,500円/学生: 1,000円
協賛:ルイナール(MHD モエ ヘネシー ディアジオ)、キヤノンマーケティングジャパン株式会社、東京綜合写真専門学校 校友会、日本橋三越本店
協力:コギコギ、gallery ON THE HILL、代官山商店会、ヒルサイドテラス

Dates: September 30 Fri. – October 2 Sun., 2016
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (11:00 – 17:00 on the last day)
Sites: Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Hillside Plaza, ANNEX-A
Admission fee: ¥1,500 / Student: ¥1,000.
Organizer: Fine-Art Photography Association
Sponsors: Ruinart (MHD Moet Hennessy Diageo), Canon Marketing Japan Inc., TOKYO COLLEGE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Store
Supporters: COGICOGI, gallery ON THE HILL, Daikanyama Shop Association, HILLSIDE TERRACE
Media Partner: IMA

Kikuji Kawada “Muddy Road, Ikebukuro” 1953 © Kikuji Kawada Courtesy of P.G.I.