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特に明治時代のアマチュア写真草創期の頃より写真集や絵はがきで出版を行ってきた草分けです。この明治時代より古典印画技法「コロタイプ」の技術を継承し、世界でも唯一のカラーコロタイプができる工房として、近年特にコロタイプを用いた作品集の刊行に力を入れています。また、2014年よりコロタイプの普及を目的とした世界初の国際写真コンペティション「Hariban Award」を開催。最優秀賞受賞者には2週間の京都滞在と便利堂コロタイプ工房の職人たちとの制作の権利が与えられ、京都グラフィーにおいてコロタイププリントを発表する個展が開催されます。


“Benrido, established in Kyoto in 1887, is a long-established art printing and publishing company.”
Benrido have worked on the numerous photobooks and art books for over 130 years, and is a pioneer, in particularly, who has carried out publishing photobooks and postcards since the early days of amateur photo in the Meiji Period. Benrido have inherited the classic photographic technic “Collotype” since then, and have been particularly focused on publishing art books using collotype in recent years as the only producer of collotype in the world. Benrido have also held the “Hariban Award” since 2014 – the world’s first international photography competition for the purpose of dissemination of collotype. The winner will receive an expenses-paid trip to Kyoto for two weeks to participate in the production of a collotype portfolio, which will be exhibited as an associated program of Kyotographie. HYPERLINK “”