daikanyama photo fair

一般社団法人日本芸術写真協会(FAPA)は来たる2018年9月、「代官山フォトフェア」を開催します。第五回を迎える本フェアには、開催当初より同協会に賛同してきた国内ギャラリー、書店・出版社に加え、国内外からあらたな出展者が集い、芸術写真の魅力を複眼的に紹介します。期間中に開催されるプログラムでは、今やあらゆる世代の人びとにとっての自己表現手段となった写真や映像というメディアが、撮る側、撮られる側、観る側の意識と知覚をいかにフレームの外へ広げ、想像力を掻き立て、インスピレーションの源となりうるかを探ります。企画展「Collections of Artists」では、作品を生み出す側である作家や写真家、デザイナーが、その鍛え抜かれた感性で選び抜き、所蔵する写真作品を紹介します。また、キュレーター、写真家、コレクターによるトークやシンポジウム、ワークショップを通して、写真こそが可能にする表現、その芸術表現を通して志向しうる世界を探ります。自らの心と対話する手段ともなるこうした写真との体験は、対峙する人それぞれの現在のありようについて、ものの感じ方、考え方への様々なアプローチを提示することでしょう。写真を眺める「私」とその写真が示す「世界」、向かい合う側それぞれにとって、当フェアが写真の精髄を巡る旅の嚆矢となれば幸いです。

In September 2018, the Fine-Art Photography Association (FAPA) will hold the fifth Daikanyama Photo Fair. The Japanese galleries, bookstores, and publishers that have supported the association since its inception are joined by a variety of other exhibitors, many from outside Japan, introducing the fascination of fine art photography from multiple perspectives. The programs held during the fair explore whether the medium of photography and video, which has today become a way for people of all ages to express themselves, can broaden the awareness and perception of the audience and the parties on each side of the lens beyond the confines of the frame to stir the imagination, becoming a source of inspiration. The “Collections of Artists” exhibition features photography that excited the creative minds and finely-honed sensibilities of the artists, photographers, and designers who chose to add the photographs to their collections. A symposium, workshops, and talks by curators, photographers, and collectors explore forms of expression that photography makes possible, and worlds that such fine-art photography makes accessible. Photography such as this can serve as a means of getting in touch with one’s own feelings, and experiencing it is likely to give each individual who encounters the photographs ideas for how to perceive or think about his or her current existence. For both sides—the individual viewing the photography and the world exhibited in it—the daikanyama photo fair is a potential departure point for a journey exploring the essence of photography.

©Tamotsu Shiihara, the Estate of Osamu Shiihara, courtesy MEM