【Special Presentation: 9/28(金)– 9/30(日)】「1_WALL」川崎祐、千賀健史

9/28(金)– 9/30(日) /

/ Sept. 28 Friday / Sept. 29 Saturday / Special Presentation / Sept. 30 Sunday / gallery ON THE HILL



会場:gallery ON THE HILL









2018 BredaPhoto Festival 展示

2017 Kassel Dummy Award “happn” , “Burd,Night,and then” ショートリスト選出
2017 第16回写真「1_WALL」グランプリ
2016 清里ヤングポートフォリオ2016 4点収蔵
2016 Life Framer “HUMANS OF THE WORLD” ショートリスト選出
2016 Tokyo International Foto Awards Book:Documentary部門 Bronze
2014 APAアワード写真作品部門入選

【Special Presentation: 9/28 (Fri) – 9/30 (Sun)】”1_WALL" KAWASAKI Yu x CHIGA Kenji

9/28 (Fri) – 9/30 (Sun) /

/ Sept. 28 Friday / Sept. 29 Saturday / Special Presentation / Sept. 30 Sunday / gallery ON THE HILL

The 16th and 17th “1_WALL” Photography Competition Grand Prize Winners, CHIGA Kenji and KAWASAKI Yu will exhibit their works during the daikanyama photo fair, supported by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Guardian Garden.


Site: gallery ON THE HILL
Admission: The fair ticket includes the admission to this event.


1985 Born in Shiga
2009 Graduated from Waseda University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
2013 Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Language and Society
2017 Grand prize for the 17th ”1_WALL” photography competition



Born in 1982.
Graduated from Osaka University.
After graduated from school, he moved to Tokyo to assist fashion photographer. He has been developing documentary work by participating in various photographic workshops to polish his style ever since.

2018 Exhibited at BredaPhoto Festival
2017 Short listed for Kassel Dummy Award “happn”, “Bird, Night, and then”
2017 Selected as the winner for the 16th photography “1_Wall”
2016 Selected as Kiyosato young portfolio 2016, 4 pieces were selected for their collection
2016 Short listed for Life Framer “HUMANS OF THE WORLD”
2016 Selected as Bronze wards for Tokyo International Foto Awards
Book: Documentary section
2014 Selected as APA awards for Photographic section